Q: What kind of tickets can be purchased?
A: You can purchase student ticket with your UD student ID, it costs 1000 HUF. Via website registration you can purchase ticket for 2000 HUF.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: Tickets can be purchased only after the opening of the event, at the entrance.

Q: Is there a cloak-room? How can I use it?
A: We have a cloak-room you can use it for 200 HUF,  for a maximum of 1+1 piece (coat+bag). We are not liable for any personal belongings left int he cloak-room.

Q: Can I pay via credit card?
A: You can only pay with cash at the Klinika Club. 



Ticket purchase and entry

  • The admission to the event is only possible with showing UD student ID or via website registration. Law 2011 CXII., BTK. § 218 regulates the measures related to identity theft. The misuse of student card automatically entails expulsion and accusation.
  • Everybody have to pay for a ticket, it is only exempted for the invited guests or event organizers.
  • For the ticket price the visitor will get a wristband. It has to be worn visibly on the wrist and at any time can be checked by the security staff or a manager.
  • The wristbands will only be eligible to enter the event if the visitor has accepted the policy of Klinika Klub and notes that the organizers monitoring the observance of the rules.
  • Lost or damaged wristband cannot be replaced.
  • Tickets can be purchased only at the assigned counter.
  • The right of giving admission belongs to the ticket sales staff or to the manager.
  • Two hours before closing the security guards close the admission.
  • Admission to the event is not permitted for people under 18.

Information about wristbands

  • The wristbands will be attached to the wrist, tightly. Wristbands attached to arm or leg are infirmed, they cannot be replaced!
  • The wristband can only qualify for one entry.
  • After putting on the wristband is not negotiable!
  • Too loose, glued, stapled, etc. wristband automatically regarded as invalid, the organizers will not replace it!
  • The rules above regarded to all wristbands!

General Policy

  • Not knowing the policy terms and conditions does not release the consequences of their violations!
  • The security personnel wear special distinguishing mark. Every guest have to follow the instructions of the organizers or security personnel’s unconditionally. Any disorderly conduct entails expulsion and accusation. Law 2012. II. , BTK. 340. § regulates the measures relating to the disorderly conduct.
  • The organizers reserves the right of any changes on the event.
  • The organizer is authorized in expulsion of any person from the event who violate the policy or disturbs other visitors with their appereance or behavior. The excluded people are not entitled to any compensation.
  • Guests must not be entered with glass, sharp items or any dangerous objects which can cause injury! The organizers are not liable for any damage caused to people or property values if they result of the irresponsible behavior of visitors.
  • Every visitor have to follow the intsructions of the organizers.
  • Any mind-altering drugs, possession, consumption or spreading is prohibited and entails immediate expulsion and accusation! The organizer is obliged to report every violation of the law.
  • It is forbidden to bring in animals, except guide dogs or police dogs.
  • It is forbidden to bring in any alcoholic drinks.
  • Any advertising activity is prohibited at the territory of the Club.

Media Policy

  • At the territory of the club audio and video recording is permitted under the following conditions:
  • It is forbidden to use any camera or sound recording devices in dressing rooms, toilets or restricted areas!
  • In the staff room or technical areas using camera our sound recording devices is strictly precarious.
  • All images that have been made at the event are the property of the organizers the licence of usage depend on them!
  • Event organizers give their previous consent to the events video, voice and image recordings used for private purposes of visitors, including Internet public disclosure. The organizers reserve the rights of withdraw this consent.
  • Publishing any recorded sound or video material online or in print or use in advertising allowed only with the consent of the organizers! The organizers reserve the rights of withdraw this consent .
  • Visitors of the event agree that during the event video and / or audio records will be made. Due to the problems arising from this claim can not be accepted! If someone wants to make any complaints about published recordings, it can be done solely on the Facebook page of the Klinika Egyetemi Klub. Please make sure to indicate civil name and accurate, understandable justification!

Debrecen, 2017. 08. 15.

For More information please read the informant at the cloakroom. If you are unsure about anything, please ask at the ticket counter.